(Still) Stuck on Rhubarb

My house is a mess, a maze of boxes and dust and things-to-be-discarded; laundry needs to be done; I have dinner guests coming tomorrow night (my parents, but still); DW is running a marathon on Sunday; next week is full of plans and movers and last gasps; and, I’m baking??? Yes, that makes lots of sense. But I’d bought a pound of rhubarb thinking I’d make another batch of jam and when an entire week flew by without my touching it I knew those ambitious plans would not happen (alas). And yet I couldn’t let that gorgeous, glorious rhubarb go to waste simply because I didn’t have time to address it properly.

Enter a rhubarb galette, the perfect way to make good use of all that bounty. (Yes, I’m still stuck on rhubarb and I can’t seem to mind.)

I dearly love a galette because at its heart it’s so forgiving — I mean, look at it! A galette is supposed to be a bit messy, a bit juicy, a bit all over the place, which was certainly in my favor this extremely warm afternoon when the crust didn’t want to cooperate and I gnashed my teeth and may or may not have shed a tear of frustration (perhaps the frustration was due more to my inability to locate a certain item I’d placed carefully on a shelf for safe-keeping — groan — but then couldn’t find when I wanted it than the pastry dough). (I also will admit I didn’t take the time to make this ultra pretty necessarily; still …) In the end, thanks to the inherent loveliness of the galette principle, it didn’t much matter if it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing dessert going. It sure tasted good.

The crust is flaky and sweet, the filling tart and jammy, just as I like. I am eating a a mouthful right now as I type and am seriously contemplating going back for another (wee!) slice despite the reality I may have a piece of pie later when we go for dinner up the street. Oh well — did I mention we have movers coming in 5 days to pack up the bulk of the apartment for shipment? Have I mentioned this has caused just the tiniest bit of angst whilst I try to think about what I’d like to have in 3 weeks, 3 months, or, yes, 6 months from now and when I’d like to specifically have those things arrive? Yes. Another slice it is, then. Perhaps with a cuppa, to tide me over.

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  1. The galette looks beautiful, hope you found your lost thing,
    and I have to say I love the china plate that you have used. So pretty.

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