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Food and Nutrition content for Livestrong.com, 2019-2020

Heat Up the Flavor of Veggies on the Grill, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8/20/19

No Sweat Sweets: Four Summer Treats that Skip the Oven, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7/9/19

Gluten-Free Desserts a Natural Choice for Passover, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 4/23/19

As Mocktails Gain Popularity, Sonoma County Restaurants Take a Cue from Seasonal Produce, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 3/5/19

Winter Warming Soups, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 1/2/19

Easy Thanksgiving Sides That Will Delight Vegans and Traditionalists, Alike, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 11/13/18

Simple Swaps for Healthier Baking, AllRecipes Dish, 2017

Baking and Cooking with Coconut Oil, AllRecipes Dish, 2017

Tasty Gluten-Free Treats, AllRecipes Dish, 2017

Huckleberries Make for a Bay Area Late Summer Treat, San Francisco Chronicle, 8/23/2015

Yes, It’s Worth it to Make Your Own Yogurt, NPR Kitchen Window, 11/6/13

Gravenstein Apples: The End of Summer in a Fruit, NPR Kitchen Window, 9/25/13

Rhubarb Brings Spring to the Table, NPR Kitchen Window, 5/29/13

Nettles Bring Spring to the Kitchen, NPR Kitchen Window, 4/17/13

Passover Desserts Free of Flour, San Francisco Chronicle, 3/17/13

A Gluten-Free Holiday Table, NPR Kitchen Window, 12/19/12

Baking without Flour for the Holidays, NPR Kitchen Window, 11/28/12

How to Make Your Tofu and Eat It, Too, NPR Kitchen Window, 8/1/12

Power Puff: Flex Your Culinary Muscles with a Souffle, NPR Kitchen Window, 5/9/12

Doesn’t Take Much to Do it Yourself in the Kitchen, NPR Kitchen Window, 3/21/12

Baking without Flour Brings Sweet Results, NPR Kitchen Window, 2/15/12

Baking with Sweet Alternatives, NPR Kitchen Window, 12/28/11

Canning to Remember the Past, Welcome the Future, NPR Kitchen Window, 10/12/11

Summer is a Plum Good Time, Point Reyes Light, 6/11

Oh, the Things You Can do with a Farm-Share Box, NPR Kitchen Window, 6/9/11

Getting to the Heart of the Artichoke, NPR Kitchen Window, 4/6/2011

March Lingers On, Point Reyes Light 3/31/11

Homemade Candy Answers the Holiday Gift Question, NPR Kitchen Window, 12/17/10

Thanksgiving with a Lighter Touch, NPR Kitchen Window, 11/23/2010

DIY Wedding Cake: Secret Ingredient is Love, NPR Kitchen Window, 8/10

Feeding the Hungry Traveler, NPR Kitchen Window, 5/12/2010

Going with Whole Grains, NPR Kitchen Window, 1/05/2010

Cooking for One: A Privilege not a Chore, NPR Kitchen Window, 11/25/09

Trail Chef: Quinoa Soup, Backpacker Magazine, 11/12/09

Falling in Love with Lavender, NPR Kitchen Window, 8/19/09

Oh, Those Oysters, Slashfood, 7/9/09

Picnics Can be Moveable Feasts, NPR Kitchen Window, 7/8/09

Peanut Butter: More than Just a Sandwich, NPR Kitchen Window, 4/8/09

A Mighty Appetite: Saving the Best for Last, Washington Post, 3/11/09

Holiday Gifts Good Enough to Eat, NPR Kitchen Window, 12/10/08

Vegetarian Thanksgiving, NPR Kitchen Window, 11/19/08

The Many Faces of the Great Pumpkin, NPR Kitchen Window, 10/22/08

Camp Cooking Goes Gourmet, NPR Kitchen Window, 7/16/08

The Making of a Feta Fan, NPR Kitchen Window, 6/4/08

Quinoa breakfast porridge, Niagara Magazine, 5/08

Cauliflower: A Love Story, NPR Kitchen Window, 4/9/08

Whole Grains with Flavor, chow.com, 4/8/08

Vegan Valentine: Healthier Sweets for Everyone, NPR Kitchen Window, 2/6/08

Quinoa: A Sacred, Super Crop, NPR Kitchen Window, 10/31/07

Home and Garden

Common Walls: Noisy neighbors all too common in apartments , San Francisco Chronicle, 12/21/08

Common Walls: Dog owners have hard time finding rentals,
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/9/08

Common Walls: Spring lures a city girl out for country weekends, San Francisco Chronicle, 3/28/08

Common Walls: Kitchen? Who needs a kitchen, San Francisco Chronicle, 2/2/08

for the holidays: Tasty treat sweetens Greek celebration
, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/2/08

Common Walls: A small apartment Thanksgiving, with all the fixings, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/21/07

Common Walls: Turning scraps into compost is for the worms, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/20/07

Common Walls: A room of one’s own, even if it is a closet, San Francisco Chronicle, 9/19/07

Common Walls: When parents remodel a childhood home, adapt and enjoy, San Francisco Chronicle, 9/1/07

Counter Culture: A little herb garden can fit within the kitchen’s tight space, San Francisco Chronicle, 8/4/07

Cleanliness is next to … well, it’s a Good Thing, San Francisco Chronicle, 7/4/07

Oven envy can get you stewed, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/23/07

Emergency planning a simple fact of local life, San Francisco Chronicle, 5/2/07

Taking it to the rooftops: Things are looking up for urbanites, San Francisco Chronicle, 3/30/07

Decorating for two means having to mesh your tastes, San Francisco Chronicle, 9/9/06

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