Banana Bread Muffins

The day before we left for summer vacation back in July I made these muffins and lordy my, why have I been hanging on to the recipe since then?! As I type this out I’m wondering if I can post this speedily enough so that I can whip up a quick batch before S wakes up from her nap. It’s chilly and grey here and if there’s one thing this afternoon could use to spruce it up it’s a banana bread muffin and a cup of tea. Instead – and unfortunately – I will probably stay curled up in my blue chair listening to the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, and eating pistachio nuts until my time is up and I’m back on duty.


Still, it’s tempting to jump into the kitchen and I’ll tell you why: butter is browned and swirled with dark brown sugar and tempered with a bit of vanilla and molasses and sweetened a little more with bananas and just to seal the deal a handful of dark, dark chopped chocolate and you end up with the kind of banana bread-y muffins you want on an international flight … on your kitchen counter … as your post-run treat … Oh, man.

This recipe comes by way of Joy the Baker but of course I doctored it up, replacing some of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat pastry (see the head notes for a gluten-free variation), adding chocolate and toasted walnuts, making muffins rather than bread. We’re moving countries in 5 weeks — east, to the desert — and as I usually tend to do before a big move I bake a lot and then eat all the things. (I run a lot, too, which handily helps counter that first bit.) So yeah, I probably should slide a pan of these into the oven right quick. You probably should, too.

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  1. oh thank you for this recipe today!! i have bananas just sitting on my counter, waiting for the right recipe, and this is IT :) Also, thank you for the GF subs!!

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