Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting Birthday Cake

Yeah, I made my own birthday cake. Does that make me a complete micromanager? (Don’t answer that.) It’s just, I couldn’t help myself. I made chocolate cakes for my girls’ birthdays and frosted them with chocolate butter cream. Delicious and they didn’t last long. But for my own birthday I knew I had to have my almost holy pairing of chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream. It is my best beloved. While I always wince a bit when another birthday comes around I was almost literally counting down the days until I could dig into this cake; it certainly helped ease the bite of another year ticked off on the inexorable march to the next decade (looming so close now).

Today’s a lovely rainy and cozy day, perfect for drinking a late cup of coffee during the baby’s morning nap. I have plans for homemade pizza later and a pile of kale salad to use up the kale in the fridge before I do my weekly grocery shop. But my birthday — my birthday was a gloriously warm and sunny day so after a trip the neighborhood park to meet friends we came home, got Elspeth sorted for her afternoon nap and then Sierra and I had a cake-and-tea party in the backyard. It was the perfect way to celebrate the day and the girl does love a good tea party. I won’t say it was a very leisurely cake eating but it was a memory I’ll not soon forget.

About this cake: I’ve posted so many chocolate cake recipes on this site, and they’re all good. Solid. Worthy. Made and tested time after time. And yet there’s still room for another and this one is, at least for the moment, the absolute best chocolate cake recipe I’ve made in my baking experience. It comes from Sarah Keiffer’s The Vanilla Bean Baking Book with some adaptions by me and like every recipe I’ve made from her book (the pumpkin bread, the lemon-cranberry cake, the brownies) it’s rather perfect. Dense and fudgey, deeply chocolatey with a hint of coffee, this is the birthday cake of my dreams.

And maybe Sierra’s too. At bedtime she wished me a happy birthday again and very seriously added, “But we forgot the birthday balloons!”

Bless that sweet heart. They make it much easier to age, if I can spend my days doing so with them.

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  1. Belated very happy birthday to you. I read your blog when I remember- so not as often as would bring more joy into my life.
    Thank you!

  2. Helen Spiridakis says:

    Sweet cake and sweet post. Yes…’s truly lovely to have a family. xoxo

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