Slow Days (+ a Cherry Galette)

We are having a summer. Foggy mornings, warm afternoons, swim ‘lessons’ at the pool where I learned to swim so many years ago, (very) early double espressos down the street, picking blackberries and huckleberries and apples, ice cream cones and hours at the playground. Still to come: Yosemite, a week along the coast up north, a visit with friends in Sacramento, some more trips to the beach. All the cool breezes and redwood trees surely should last us through another handful of months in the desert.

Although it’s coming just a few weeks after I wrote about that strawberry-rhubarb pie, I have another pie-ish recipe today. It’s for a cherry galette, and it’s so very good. Dangerously so, even. You can make the crust with a combination of spelt and almond flours or a gluten-free combination of oat, sweet white rice, and almond flours. The consistent ingredient here is, obviously, the almond flour. Cherries and almonds just go together — it’s a flavor combination I revisit again and again. If I’d had the time to make marzipan I might have spread a thin layer along the crust before piling in the fruit; that would have been truly sublime.

Baked on high heat, the cherries release their juices and slump softly into one another in the oven to create a jammy filling that still has a fair amount of texture. I used natural sweeteners here, just a touch of maple syrup in the crust and honey in the filling. Fruit is so sweet on its own you don’t need much extra, and this suits my summer mood just fine. The days run into one another, punctuated by a long run here and there or a trip to West Marin or a day in the city ever so often. Slow summer but it will be gone in a flash, just like every year.

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  1. Keith Travers says:

    Seriously, I love your posts. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Keith Travers says:

    I misread and mistakenly used smelt flour instead of spelt flour. Not surprisingly, the result didn’t turn out so well. I might have to fumigate the house. Anybody have any suggestions about what I can do about all the cats lined up outside my door?

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