Blueberry-Blackberry Pie (With a Mostly Whole-Grain Crust)

I had meant to post this recipe last week but our Internet slowed to a crawl and that plus a toddler who refused to nap caused me to postpone sharing it until today. But I think it’s worth the wait?

This pie is everything I love about summer: sweet, juicy fruit folded into a flaky, wholesome pie crust (see recipe notes for a tip on how to make your bottom crust layer crisp). Of course, it’s not technically summer just yet but we’ve been feeling quite summery temperatures for awhile now and when Memorial Day weekend hit I decided it was time to celebrate the season. I had to use frozen berries here but soon enough we’ll be in the States availing ourselves of true summer’s bounty and I will make it again, possibly even with hand-picked blackberries.

I have a few summer baking projects I’d like to tackle in the upcoming months: strawberry shortcakes with really good shortcakes, a rhubarb pie, a sweet cherry pie, roasted berry frozen Greek yogurt, and the like. Obviously the common them is fruit and I can’t wait to get my hands on some locally-grown fresh beauties. I’ll have a recipe for a delicious watermelon daiquiri next week, inspired by some of the best watermelon I’ve ever eaten (probably not grown in KSA but most likely from somewhere nearby in the region. As a side note, I do appreciate the grocery stores here labeling the fruit and vegetables’ country of origin. A lot is flown in though there is a decent amount that is grown in country via greenhouses.). And I have some good-looking plums in the fridge practically begging me to turn them into a crumble. Who am I to argue?

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