Vanilla Cake with Whipped Ganache

Days come when all you want is a good, basic, real deal cake. No unrefined sugar, not too many substitutions or none at all. Lots of fluffy icing. Vanilla base. Simple and sweet and satisfying.

Yesterday happened to be that day and for reasons unknown I felt that I must have, nay, I needed to bake a cake. I didn’t feel like chocolate, certainly didn’t want carrot; no, I just wanted a plain vanilla cake with whipped chocolate frosting. The temperature was hovering in the high 80s so it wasn’t too much of a hardship to turn on the oven. Besides, cake seemed important.

In an alternate life I am the kind of lady who brings cake to the park to picnic with friends along with delicate cups of tea sweetened just so (in reality I meet friends in the park but we’re more likely to bring bananas and ‘cookie bars’ and apple slices for our kiddos while we sip water instead of anything fancy). But oh it’s a lovely fantasy: a mild breeze tossing around the branches above our heads, the soft hush of the sea behind a dune, a pungent pot of tea (and perhaps something a bit stronger) close at hand. One day when our littles can occupy themselves a bit more on their own — I’ll make it happen. Not that I’m wishing these sweet early years away, but every so often ‘twould be nice to have an uninterrupted hot cup of something …

I digress. Until then, we have this lush and lovely cake. Simple, classic, vanilla-scented and bolstered by just a tiny bit of spelt flour (I can’t eschew whole grains utterly, even in a true treat of a cake). I think I’ll back up a slice for S and I to share tomorrow under the shade of the desert palm trees.

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