What We Ate

Thanksgiving 2008 was chilly and grey, but we managed to sit down early-ish at 4p to dinner. Here, a small sampler of the meal:

Cranberry margaritas, of course, to start things off.

Spanikopita, dolmas, hummus.

The bird.

Lightly sauteed vegetables.

Mushroom galette.

It was a great meal.

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  1. That mushroom galette looks savory and delicious. What a nice meal! Sad that it’s over so quick…

  2. Beautiful photos….looks even better (how could this be?) in pictures! What a wonderful meal, shared with loved ones, with so much help in assembling. It was one of the nicest holidays I can remember. Thanks to everyone!!!!

  3. The Galette looks awesome, everything looks great, god pictures too, thanks


  4. It all looks so lovely! Did you save any for me????

  5. Lightly sauteed vegetables and mushroom galette, please.

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