Holidays Passed

Really, shouldn’t that be ‘holidaze’? No matter …

This year, aught five, saw my mother with a broken wrist during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas (and Solstice, too, alas) holidays, and unable to whip up her usual dinners and pots of amazing vegetable soup (though dad did a good job). So, my brother and I decided to do a bit of cooking ourselves, only having a few (minor) arguments involving rights to kitchent and cooking space, and turned out a few decent meais.

Firstly, Christmas morning breakfast of:

Eggs, scrambled with spinach and parmesan; and egg whites scrambled with spinach
Blueberry muffins
Fried potatoes
Hot chocolate

Also important is the whole festive thing, which for me meant hanging stockings stuffed with fun things like: Norwegian memorabilia, fat-free cookies and licorice, organic fun lotions and such from the place in downtown Seb, and candy canes; greenery from the backyard laid just so on the table; candles.

I think it rained (N. California in the winter-time!), so no beach-going for me, but then we made dinner, which included:

Roast chicken (“Rosie the Organic Chicken,” and as an aside, what is with the naming of poultry? Doesn’t it make it that much harder to eat a whole animal when it has a name, if not a face?!) with olive oil and herbes de provence, onions, white wine, and tomatoes
Cranberry sauce
Roasted root vegetables
Butternnut squash polenta (dairy-free)
Portobella mushrooms for me

Vegan apple pie
Chocolate cream pie (NOT vegan!)
Lots of Jameson, Amarula, and chocolate with guests

The I made, for … third? night of Chanukah:

Matzo ball soup
Apple Sauce
Israeli couscous with tomatoes and cucumbers

And then assisted K in New Year’s Day dinner (or, Thanksgiving redux), which included:

Roast turkey (“Rocky Jr.” — let’s hope he was local, and lived a free-running life, if brief)
Mashed potatoes, regular and nonfat
Cornbread stuffing (me!)
Green beans with garlic and almonds
Portabello mushrooms (for moi, again)
Cranberry and apple sauces

Pumpkin pie
Vegan chocolate cake

[all of these things were made from scratch, bien sur, with mostly organic ingredients.]

Luckily, among other things, and between the raindrops, there was also lots of running and swimming and walking, to counter all of the good-food-eating …

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