Credit Where Credit is Due

Oh, and I forgot: there was also homemade tofu! Not made by me — and while this little space is supposed to be about my culinary adventures, though it is true I do not chronicle them nearly as faithfully as I should — but by my brother. He made his own press, and then did lots of long and complicated maneuverings in the kitchen during which soy beans were soaked and boiled, stripped of their shells, whirled in the blender, stretched out into ‘milk,’ and then condensed again into the most delicious, freshly cut tofu I have ever tasted. If I knew how to re-size photos properly I would post a picture of the beautiful press, made either of cherry wood, or purple-heart wood, and also of my most delicious and perfect portabello salad that is the perfect — no, really, the most perfect — thing to enjoy after a long run, preferably with a North Coast beer …

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