Passover and Presents

[Our modern-day interpretation of the seder plate]

Dear Kate,

Today I came home after dashing (well, as quickly as one can ‘dash’ on a MUNI bus) to the store to pick up ingredients for charoset, a bit tired because, well, it’s Monday, and Mondays are the hardest day of the week! And when I checked my mail I found a wonderful box of delicious goodies, from you! And it was chock full of such wonderful things! I am a lucky girl!

After carefully photographing the contents, I tied on the pretty blue apron and set to work. I made matzo ball soup, and coconut macaroons. I chopped walnuts and diced apples, poured wine and set the table. I wished very much that you and Avner could have shared our dinner (though I don’t know if he would have been OK with the avocado-dressing for the salad, or the dill), and I hope that you both, too, had a little Passover indulgence.

Sometimes DC seems so very far away, but on days like these, the miles are not as lonely. I am looking forward to New Mexico, and to cooking in your lovely remodeled house. Until then, shalom, and I will think of you on Sunday when I make my Easter dinner.


ps: We timed the meal in order to properly watch “24,” of course.

[All the really nice stuff she sent me.]

Pesach Menu

Matzo ball soup
Lentils with onions and tomatoes
Boiled new potatoes with a dill/egg/butter sauce
Green salad
Roasted asparagus
Coconut macaroons

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  1. communi_kate says:

    Yaya!!!! You are the best person to send packages to! I am so glad you enjoyed your things and were able to use them so quickly. Today is the last day of Passover, and I will miss the delicious foods until next year.

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