Organic Explosion

I always try to eat organic vegetables and other ‘products’ whenever possible (and the wallet allows); it is my firm belief that not only is it better for the earth and for our bodies to eat organically grown foods, but they actually taste much better, too.

So last night, late coming home from work and tired, I thought about what would really turn me on, taste-wise, and what would pick-me-up after the long day. Thus, I came up with:

Baked tofu with a peanut butter/soy sauce/apricot jam glaze
Risotto (from a box! but still good)
Bag of Newman’s own baby spinach sauteed with shiitake mushrooms

The tofu I pressed and spread out in one of my lovely blue Le Creuset baking dishes, and then I piled on the marinade. Baked it for about 30-40 minutes in a 400-degree oven until slightly cripsy and firm. The mushrooms I sauteed in a bit of olive oil and soy sauce, then added the spinach and covered to wilt.

I think almost every ingredient I used was certified organic – which, seing as how I live in San Francisco, is probably no big deal. But I felt good about it — and the meal tasted delicious — and thought that Ms. Mother Nature would approve, if she things about these things.

[add a couple of Full Sail Pale Ales and you have a very happy dinnertime experience.}

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