Greece, Baby!

[Spetses harbor, photo by Kurt ]

It’s official. I’m going. In a little over a month. And I will hopefully see these views many, many times …

Also, I plan to swim a lot, sleep, read, try not to think about how exorbitant my plane ticket was, and eat. And perhaps also drink a glass of ouzo while nibbling on some oregano potato chips. I may not speak the language, but I sure do appreciate the food.

So to celebrate, this morning I had a bowl of Greek yogurt for breakfast, sprinkled with raspberries (on super sale at the Safeway! Because yes, while I mostly try to go the farmers’ market route, I confess I cannot pass up a sale), slices of white nectarine, and drizzled with honey. If only I’d had a cup of Greek coffee to sip alongside … soon.


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  1. communi_kate says:

    YAY! Greece! I am so glad you will get to go. Please see if you can do some swimming for me. :)

  2. bea at La tartine gourmande says:

    oh, I am so jealous! Have fun! I am sure you will have a blast with the food!

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