Cumin-Spiked Lentil Soup

[On our table, December 2015.]

In a break from my usual sweets recipes — yet in a return to the old days when I used to post lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes (after all, this is how I cook on the daily) — today I have something a bit different: a recipe for a soothing turmeric and cumin-spiced red lentil soup. On a day when the temperature is hovering in the low 50s and I’m wearing wool socks and starting to feel all the holiday coziness this season has to offer, sipping on a steaming cup of hot soup is just the thing.

This soup could hardly be simpler to make — onions and garlic are sauteed briefly in olive oil, then spices are added with the lentils and simmered in water until smooth. A touch of lemon juice brightens up the pot, and on these chilly (and downright cold) days of late fall a bowl of this soup is warming and nourishing.

We’re hanging sparkly lights and planning our cookie plates and starting to wrap presents. I’m also putting the finishing touches on a holiday-themed e-cookbook — think LOTS of dessert recipes — that I hope to share with you next week. ‘Til then, stay cozy.

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