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  1. Chrissy says:

    Hello! I know it’s older and comments are closed, but I wanted to reply to your “flat white” post. I related so much to your apt description of gravitating towards the familiar while far from home, even if it’s not necessarily something that was especially cherished in your old routine. While I was a peace corps volunteer in sierra leone, we were over the moon when we stumbled upon dusty snickers bars or m&ms in the cramped, mercifully air conditioned Lebanese grocery stores that dotted major cities there. I’ve always eaten dessert and had a sweet tooth, but I can’t say I’ve ever SWOOOOONED for a bag of M&Ms like that before or since.

    Also, I recently started working at a coffee shop in Seattle, and our version of a flat white (or a cortado…or a piccolo, I’ve heard, or probably 4 other things in the tangled web of barista jargon, ha) is called a Gibraltar. It’s named after the type of glass it’s traditionally served in, but I got a little kick out of the coincidence of where you discovered it :-) That type of drink has also recently become my own go-to: my coffee drinking history is much like yours, and super short lattes (usually with soy or almond milk) have been my goldilocks moment. You also might like a metzo: an americano with steamed milk. I like em with almond milk and just a bit of honey.

    I stumbled upon your blog a while back but haven’t commented, and all this to say how much I love coming to this space. When I first read your recipes it was an aha moment not unlike the one above. I’m not GF myself, but find myself more and more interested in recipes that build on ingredients that are naturally so. Vegan too, though I’m not (vegetarian though.) All these nut meals and maple syrup sweetened and whole grainy things and short ingredient lists are what gets me jazzed these days.

    So, thank you! It’s a joy to follow along. It never fails to fire me up for 3 of the pretty major things that make me tick: running, baking, and life elsewhere (Im a nomad with perma-wanderlust right now, and all I want is to live abroad again, though I know, grass is always greener etc etc :-))

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