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[View of the ‘desk,’ March 2008.]

Today is a fine day: I’m unexpectedly working from home, with a nice cup of tea at hand, and visions of fried eggs for breakfast. Because since I’m sitting at my dining ‘room’ table, with quick and easy access to the kitchen, having my morning bowl of oats simply won’t do (lately I’ve been thinking I’m in danger of turning into a horse, I’ve been eating so much oatmeal). And although I’m quite the creature of habit, not to mention a minimal breakfaster, this morning I’m thinking about switching it up a little bit, especially since I have a beautiful loaf of Acme‘s whole-wheat-walnut bread that’s made even more delicious with a little toast in the oven, and a little pile-on of sweet butter.

My office is very pleasant, but nothing beats being at home in your comfortable clothes, listening to the classical music station and the quiet hum of the refrigerator whilst you work. An added bonus is not having to squeeze in with the hordes of commuters on the way to work — which cannot be under appreciated, especially because yesterday I had not one, but two packed buses pass by — and realizing that there have been at least two garbage and/or recycling trucks pass by already, and it’s not yet 9.30 am.


As the sun filtered through the blinds, I pulled out the carton of organic eggs, cut a thick slice of bread, and quickly chopped spinach. While I toasted the bread to the rousing strains of a Mozart sonata, I gently wilted the spinach with a bit of water in my tiny cast iron pan, and cracked two eggs into a bowl.

[Spinach, cooking, March 2008.]

Basically all this is is spinach, scrambled eggs, and a smear of butter on that good bread — sort of a deconstructed Eggs Florentine minus the cloying sauce. I am no great hand at poaching eggs, though I’d like to give it another try sometime and really nail down the process of it since everyone says it’s so easy, and there’s often nothing that satisfies me more than a fried egg perched atop a piece of sharp cheddar and a slice of tomato on toasted wheat bread, but today — oh lovely day of working at home — I wanted to try something different, not least of all because I haven’t bought tomatoes in weeks.


I didn’t overtoast the bread, because I hate, hate, hate (yeah, I really don’t like it) when I bite into a piece of toast that not only shatters in my mouth but then disperses those shattery bits all over my lap and ends up poking my teeth hurtfully. However, I did toast it enough so that the butter melted perfectly and almost seemed to candy those walnuts (I cannot oversing my praise of this bread; its purpley, soft crunch and dense crust never fail to make me sigh a little in happiness) hidden within it. I cooked the eggs on very low heat, but the sauteed spinach served to alleviate any dryness I might have incurred while making myself another cup of tea which — ahem — may have distracted me from stirring. Then I layered the bread with spinach and the eggs, and topped it all with a sprinkle of salt and good black pepper. Not bad for a Friday morning pick-me-up, non?

Now I’m doing a bit of editing, fortified by my terrific brekkies, and having a piece of
(milk) chocolate (I wish I could share it with you because I just closed my eyes for a moment in rapture and I’m honestly not even exaggerating) and a cup of coffee. Life could be worse.

But — what to have for lunch?


Deconstructed scrambled eggs Florentine

2 organic eggs (not to belabor this point, but cage-free, organic eggs are essential these days)
1 cup baby spinach
1 slice toasted bread
salt and pepper

Toast the bread to your preference, and smear generously with butter. While it’s toasting, saute the spinach in a bit of water over medium heat until wilted. If spinach is too watery, drain some of the water after removing from heat (if you let it sit a minute, the spinach should soak back up most of the liquid).

Return pan to stove, and melt one Tb. butter over low heat. Break the eggs into a bowl, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Whisk them with a fork, then pour into the pan, stirring steadily so that they don’t stick. Cook over low heat until eggs are congealed, but not dry.

Place the buttered toast on a plate, top with the spinach and the eggs, and add a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste.

Serves one, amply.

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  1. My goodness your blog is beautiful!

  2. i just love your entries. everything about them. xoxo, d

  3. I wish I could stay at home to work a couple days of the week. Although I would have trouble concentrating on work with all the distractions in my home and outside.

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