Cauliflower-leek soup + garlic toasts
Asparagus-spinach quiche w. whole-wheat crust
Almond butter cookies + vanilla ice cream
(white wine, sparkling water, coffee)


(G-f) Crackers and apples w. olives, cheeses, hummus

Baked salmon w. lemon + white wine
Roasted fingerling potatoes w. garlic
Kale gratin (parmesan cheese ‘crust’)
Saute of chickpeas, garlic, broccoli, feta
Roasted cauliflower + green beans
(white/red wines)

Flourless chocolate cake w. whipped cream + strawberries


I like the two-fer: It may seem like a lot of work (especially if you’re moi, who must from-scratch it all), but in my twisted mind I think that if I’m already going to be cooking I might as well cook some more. Right? In for a penny in for a pound and all that. The only downside is the dishes, and there are a lot, but it’s not so bad really (though, truth: I stayed up ’til nearly 2a doing them and was a bit of a wreck the next day).


For Sunday dinner – after breakfasting up the street, after a run, after an afternoon of movie-watching – we ate leftovers and a salad heavy on the roasted beets. I cooed over the beautiful cauliflower I couldn’t resist at the rainy farmer’s market. Last night I baked mini cornmeal-blueberry muffins and a sort of white bean-cabbage bake inspired by the New York Times, accompanied by Brian and little Radley (who sadly was not impressed although he did enjoy his few spoonfuls of organic vanilla ice cream and bite of muffin). Tonight there is yoga. A few friends to catch up with later in the week. Then birthday dinner trip to Marin will round out these days of rain.


I am plotting more dinners, of course. And more baking projects. Inspiration welcome.

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  1. In a rut, you say??? I don’t think so! Wow, what a week-end!

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