Tuesday Pictorial


Not so much about food today, but here it is:

– All I felt like doing today after work was to go home and play with my camera, so I did do that in the one hour I had between arriving home and heading out to book group.

– I am eating an organic banana and it is extremely delicious.

– I squandered some opportunities today in terms of getting some writing done, but I don’t feel that badly about it (I blame latent jet lag). I have a five-day weekend coming up and I think it must involving kayaking on Tomales Bay and petting a cat. And eating. A lot. Maybe it will be hot?


– Guacamole is also extremely delicious. I think I could incorporate avocados into every meal I eat.

– Lists are fun.

-The weather has me turned all around; it feels like it should be fall, and time for Thanksgiving dinners and roasted vegetables.


– Sometimes I like to only listen to classical music, but then on the bus ride to work Bruce Springsteen comes on the ipod (shuffle setting) and it’s the most perfect thing ever.

– Tomorrow I plan to run 6 miles.


– Today I ate: oatmeal with soy milk; small piece of leftover pastry; beans and rice; mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower from last night’s dinner; two peanut butter cups. Tonight for dinner I will eat lots of cheese.

– I made brownies over the weekend, unexpectedly, and they were the best decision I made all Saturday (except for reading my book for 2 hours).

– I’m so glad it’s strawberry season.

– What did you do today?

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  1. – just finished “Girls In Trucks” which was kind of a let down. I am now plowing through Kate Jacob’s “Comfort Food.”

    – Re-watched “The Diving Bell & The Butterfly” and it is even more powerful the second time around. You must watch it, if you haven’t already!

  2. I love your butterfly plates!

    When are we going to hang out?

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