Sunday Dinner, 9/16

Roasted cauliflower + chard
Baked beans
Baked potato (w. sour cream!)
Glass orange juice

Vanilla ice cream w. salted caramel sauce

More Sunday Dinners …


This week I am detouring from my wee tradition a bit to mention a little bit about Luisa Weiss’ (a.k.a. The Wednesday Chef) new book, My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with recipes), which I eagerly devoured along with my dinner (my husband was happily watching the 49er game in the other room so don’t feel toooo sorry for him). I’ve been waiting to read Luisa’s memoir ever since she posted about it three years ago on the cusp of moving back to Berlin to begin a new(-old?) life, and when I finally got it in my hot little hands I couldn’t put it down.

It’s such a lovely book. These are stories of Berlin during and after the wall; of leaving home and finding a new one but always with a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right (how I can relate to this, mmm hmmmm); of hours in the kitchen; of re-finding love in the most familiar place. Recipes I am particularly jonesing to make include a white asparagus soup, a vinegary potato salad, and a yeasted plum cake. This last I have on my agenda to make ‘immediately.’ (You’ll have to get the book for the goods.)

I will admit this week’s Sunday Dinner wasn’t fancy, but I know from whence it came: Luisa’s chapter about eating baked beans and broccoli. I dearly love vegetarian baked beans, and lap them up in the morning on toast alongside a fried egg, at lunch with a side of corn on the cob, or for dinner with a baked potato and roasted veggies. After a weekend out of town full of activity – a swim at Ives, blackberry picking and jamming, a pint at the pub downtown, making brunch, seeing friends – it was just the thing to eat last night before tumbling into bed early. This week, I’m almost ready for you.

* I will note here that I received an advance copy of My Berlin Kitchen from Luisa’s publisher, but all opinons expressed here are my own.

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  1. We are headed on a little vacation, sounds like this would be a good read.

  2. I love your Sunday dinner posts – they are always so charming and calming. And, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on that book!

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