Sunday Dinner, 8/26

Sharp cheddar, olives, hummus, baguette

Seared ahi tuna steak
Tomato-squash gratin w. brown rice + parmesan
Blanched fresh green beans w. lemon vinaigrette (served cool)
Salad w. market greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon vinaigrette
(glass Bonterra sauvignon blanc)

Blueberry-blackberry pie w. vanilla ice cream

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  1. Lovely meal! It’s always nice to return to one’s own kitchen, isn’t it?!

  2. This meal looks good, of course, but it felt even better once it hit my blood stream. All American families should take a little more time on Sundays to revel in Nature’s abundance with friends and family. Long Live Sunday Dinner!

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