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[Casablanca, December 2013.]

SO …. where to begin? How about with the lack of/intermittent shoddy Internet connection that is slowly driving me nuts? (Or, if I’m being honest, not-so-slowly driving me nuts.) I am mildly hopeful it will be sorted out this weekend, but will not hold my breath. But: we are here. That photo is the view from our upstairs room — on a day like today, when it’s drizzly and grey, the ocean isn’t quite as visible. But on a clear, sunny day being able to see the water makes up for a lot.

What also makes up for a lot – more than anything really – is this girl, who is starting to smile a lot and ‘talk’ to us and, despite her ongoing inability to sleep more than 4 hours at a stretch, is a complete delight. I mean, look at that face! So far (and I’m knocking wood here of course) she has remained remarkably unfazed by: long plane trips, the yowling of the cat who now resides with us, a new house, her mom’s stress level, loud noises, and much more. We are so lucky and I know it.

Meanwhile — I am currently drinking lots of coffee and trying to settle in. Thinking about holiday baking: definitely these pretzel cookies via Smitten Kitchen, perhaps some almond crescents, a batch of sesame seed cookies. I baked a chocolate cake over the weekend for a holiday party but of course didn’t get a photo because I thought I’d left my phone in the car (I hadn’t); this is my life these days. I’m contemplating my menus for Christmas (waffles for breakfast, I do think, and maybe a roast? Can one even obtain a piece of roast-like meat here?, with some sort of cake for dessert) and wishing to find some organic dairy … somewhere. I’m hoping for decent Internet oh, any day now. And so hopefully there will be more here, soon.

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  1. Your daughter’s smile is a joy! And so much hair – reminds me of my baby pictures, all dark brown, then my mom said it all fell out and came in blond. I would love to see the sea, too , there is something so soothing and wonderful about the water.

  2. Hello, friend. I just read a phrase somewhere this morning – let me see if I can find it – that really resonated with some of my own struggles right now.

    Ah, here it is! “A blessing doesn’t cancel out a loss, like some kind of spiritual Jedi mind trick. It’s about holding space for both the disappointment and the gratitude.” (from

    Thinking of you, and this transition, and your lack of sleep (and my own impending repeat of years of sleeping in staccato), and the baking. I would like nothing more than to have some of that cake or those cookies and some coffee with you. Someday!

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