Last days

Pick-me-up dinner for a friend:

Mushroom/cheese ravioli (not homemade, but organic!)
Tomato/garlic/onion/herbs/wine sauce
Roasted asparagus with parmesan
Spinach salad
Strawberries and mini milano cookies for dessert

The asparagus was on sale, and actually very good for it being not-quite-in-season. This is one of my favorite ways to make it — so easy, and so delicious. I cut off the ends, and tossed the stalks in a little olive oil, salt + pepper, dried oregano (or basil), a splash of white wine, and sprinkled parmesan over the top. Then they baked at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (not too long, to avoid sogginess). They were full of the taste of spring.

We had some Ravenswood Zinfandel (my favorite!) to accompany, and if we hadn’t been so absorbed in the “Project Runway” season finale [no comment] I would have made some tea to go along with the strawberries (also on sale, and also in decent shape, especially for Safeway. Mine, here in Adams Morgan, is dubbed “the Soviet Safeway,” after all.) and cookies. Decadence is necessary sometimes.

Now the refridgerator and cabinets are nearly empty … and I will be gone from here tomorrow.

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