Gluten-Free & Flourless Recipes

Baked Goods
Almond Butter Cookies
Almond-Raspberry Cake
Apple Tart
Banana-Coconut Cookies
Chewy Cinnamon-Molasses Cookies
Chocolate Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cream Pie
Chocolate Muffins with Dried Cherries + Pistachios
Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting
Gingery Cookies
Ginger Snaps
Lemon Cake
Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies
Seed + Nut Granola
Plum-Cocoa Cakes
Salted Lavender Shortbread Cookies
Sesame Cookies
Strawberry Crumble/Crisp
Roasted Strawberry Morning Cake
Whole Grain Berry Muffins
Whole Grain Biscuits

More Sweets
Chocolate Blocks
Chocolate Sorbet
Milk Chocolate Pudding
Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Rice Pudding

Main Dishes
Beet and Quinoa Salad with Feta
Cabbage-Kale Salad
Red Beans and Rice
Vegetable Pizza with a Polenta Crust
Quinoa Chowder
Quinoa Salad with Apples, Arugula and Sweet Potatoes

Butternut Squash Soup
Split Pea Soup with Vegetables
Sweet Potato Soup
Turnip Soup

A Date Shake

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  1. This is the first cookbook i’ve bougt in years and I LOVE YOUR FLOURLESS COOKBOOK! Everyone raves about what i have made so far, no one even suspects its gluten free and are shocked when i tell them. every recipe comes out just as it looks in the pictures. (btw, i love the pics too). I really had stopped baking when i became GF because of all of the weird processed flours, additives and whatnot. thank you for inspiring me to bake again! are you planning on writing any other cook books?

  2. Monica Stayner says:

    I am very interested in your website & your recipes. MS

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