About Me and My Writing Work

I’m Nicole Spiridakis, a writer, editor and recipe developer. Throughout my career I’ve contributed to many print and online outlets, including NPR Online’s Kitchen Window, the San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Washington Post, Point Reyes Light, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, and Reuters, among other local and national publications. For two years I wrote the monthly “Common Walls” column for the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Home and Garden section about the trials and tribulations of the apartment dweller.

I’ve lived in Washington, DC, where I worked for the Washington bureau of Reuters — I was a founding member of the team that produced the first incarnations of reuters.com — wrote features for the global wire and freelanced for DC-area newspapers and San Francisco, California, where I baked wedding cakes, copy edited for a financial firm, and wrote a variety of lifestyle stories from a portrait of my evolving San Francisco neighborhood for the New York Times to dishes made from ingredients literally pulled from my natural surroundings for NPR Online.

We recently spent five years overseas as part of the U.S. mission abroad (my husband was a Foreign Service with the Department of Commerce). We lived Casablanca, Morocco, where I spent a stint working for the State Department and immersed myself in North African cuisine; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I learned to navigate prayer time closures and an incredibly unique culture all without the use of a car; and Sydney, Australia, where mornings were infused with the sounds of amazing bird life and the ultimate delicious espresso drink: a flat white.

I develop and publish naturally gluten-free, naturally sweetened recipes on my food blog, nicolespiridakis.com (aka this site), and when I’m not in the kitchen I’m usually out for a run, drinking coffee with my husband, entertaining our daughters, Sierra and Elspeth, or have my head in a book. We currently live in Sonoma County, California.

My cookbook, “Flourless. Recipes for Naturally Gluten-Free Desserts,” was published August 2014 by Chronicle Books.

This page contains a selection of my journalism from the last few years. Please contact me for more information about my work or to work together on a project. Read press mentions here.

+ My freelance work is in compliance with California Assembly Bill 5.



Food and Nutrition content for Livestrong.com, 2019-2020

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Home and Garden

Common Walls: Noisy neighbors all too common in apartments , San Francisco Chronicle, 12/21/08

Common Walls: Dog owners have hard time finding rentals,
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/9/08

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Common Walls: Kitchen? Who needs a kitchen, San Francisco Chronicle, 2/2/08

for the holidays: Tasty treat sweetens Greek celebration
, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/2/08

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Common Walls: A room of one’s own, even if it is a closet, San Francisco Chronicle, 9/19/07

Common Walls: When parents remodel a childhood home, adapt and enjoy, San Francisco Chronicle, 9/1/07

Counter Culture: A little herb garden can fit within the kitchen’s tight space, San Francisco Chronicle, 8/4/07

Cleanliness is next to … well, it’s a Good Thing, San Francisco Chronicle, 7/4/07

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Day Out: NOPA, New York Times, 8/12/07

Hungry? San Francisco, contributor, 2007


If you are interested in reading these features, please email me for a pdf!

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