As an independent contractor/freelance writer and editor, I currently am in compliance with California’s 2020 implementation of the AB5 bill. Please see below for how I meet the law’s requirements.

AB 5 contains requirements that hiring entities of freelance writers, photographers, and editors must verify in order for Dynamex and the ABC test to not apply, including that:


  • The individual is providing services through a sole proprietorship or other business entity. I am a sole proprietor.
  •          The individual maintains a business location that is separate from the hiring entity, which may include the individual’s residence. I work remotely from home and never on site.
  •          The individual has a business license, if their work is performed after July 1, 2020. I reside in the unincorporated area of Sonoma County, and do not require a business license to operate a freelance writing and editing business. I can provide a letter from Sonoma County stating that I do not need a business license.
  •          The individual has the ability to set or negotiate their own rates for the services performed. I always negotiate and sign a contract before I start working with a client.
  •          The individual has the ability to set their own hours, outside of project completion dates and reasonable business hours. I always meet deadlines and complete work on time — on my own time.
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