Thanksgiving Abroad

I never write here, which is sort of ridiculous given that I cook frequently and often wish I could detail the meals prepared, the dishes concocted, the company who enjoys the eats. Some day, perhaps soon, I will even re-do this little site and give it some more color and pep. It is always good to be ambitious, at any rate.

So Thanksgiving this year was spent abroad, in a little, non-winterized cabin near Lillesand, in southern Norway. After a three-hour drive along the coast — most of which was in the dark — we arrived and picked our way through the woods to the house to be greeted by one American, one Norwegian-American, and one adorable baby, Jacob, who I held most of the night and who may have passed his cold along to me! But no matter. Marte made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with macncheese, lots of mashed potatoes, turkey, and pumpkin pie … but we were sadly lacking in cranberry sauce due to it not being available there. It was homey and good to be around Americans (and four very friendly Norwegians) for the holiday.

And then, back on the farm, we decided to make our own version of Thanksgiving for the Norwegians (and one Iranian). This, of course, entailed making a ridiculous amount of food, all vegetarian, all home-made, in the marvelously warm and large kitchen. Here, then, is the men-u:

Whole grain baguettes with cheese

Sweet potato soup

Individual vegetable galettes, composed of squash, onion, mushroom, and cheeses
Mashed potatoes with leeks and roasted garlic and buttermilk
Salad with clementines, walnuts, and dried cranberries
Gratin of cauliflower and broccoli
Apple sauce
Mac and cheese for the kids

Pumpkin pie
Apple Pie
Cranberry-orange bread
Whipped cream

Mozzel (mazel!)

The dishes, there were many. But amazingly they were all washed and stowed away by 9p, and the kitchen was clean and shining once more. If only I had taken pictures …

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