The thing I forget every time is how clear the Mediterranean is, and how warm. Arrived to Athens Tuesday morning, and made it (with my brother’s help) to the island via a ferry from Piraeus.

I have five minutes on the internet left, so in short: so far I’ve eaten my favorite and delicious baked white beans with tomato sauce (which I can never, ever perfectly replicate); lots of tziki; a delicious lunch prepared by Kurt and Emily of tortellini and vegetables, grapes, and salad and bread; lots of pastries (‘bougaza’ I think is the rough English translation); successfully ordered two frappes me galla and with little sugar; and lots of salad.

This is a very beachy island — meaning that everyone here is bronzed to absolute perfection with beautiful sun-bleached hair. After a week of grey skies in SF, to wake up to sun every day is gorgeous, and much appreciated. Yesterday we spent most of the day at the beach, and then sat outside on our patio drinking beer and eating and talking and baseball because while we may be in Greece, we’re still American.

Today I am off on a boat with my pal to explore another beach. It’s wonderful here.

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