About Moi

I’m Nicole Spiridakis, a writer, editor, cook, (erstwhile wedding cake) (and often vegan/gluten-free) baker, and runner. I currently live in Northern California with my husband and daughters Sierra and Elspeth.

Previously we lived in Sydney, Australia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Casablanca, Morocco, as a Foreign Service family and part of the U.S. mission abroad. Previous to that I lived, wrote, and cooked in San Francisco.

I’ve written about food — as well as life in a tiny apartment and the occasional travel piece — for various outlets; clips are available on my writing site at nicolespiridakis.com. My cookbook, Flourless. Recipes for Naturally Gluten-Free Desserts, was published by Chronicle Books in August 2014.

You can reach me at cucinanicolinaATgmailDOTcom, see updates for cucinanicolina on Facebook, or see my photos on Instagram. More of my writing work is available on my journalism website.

For several years I documented my weekly Sunday dinners, and shared a sweet treat each week in a series titled The Tuesday Treat. (Click the links to see more in each category.) I also posted regular “Wordless Wednesday” snapshots of my daily life in and out of the kitchen.

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