Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

The coziness of a rainy day in December cannot be understated. It gets me thinking about the end of the year, a wintry, windy beach, and the kind of cookies we’ll make for our holiday cookie plates. So far on my list I’ve got almond butter cookies, sugar cookies, gingerbread men, jam thumbprints, maybe slices of gingerbread tucked in among the sparkles (is that allowed?), a loaf of poppyseed cake, and chocolate chip cookies. Specifically whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from Kim Boyce’s Good to the Grain cookbook.

We used our fireplace for first the time during the week of Thanksgiving — a week which was appropriately stormy, cold and very very wet finally after a long, dry fire season complete with a 4 a.m. evacuation from our little town on an October Sunday. The wood we burned came from a huge oak limb that had crashed down on last spring just around the girls’ bedtime, demolishing part of the fence we share with our neighbor and providing my husband with yet another project to address over the summer. The fence is now repaired, the wood mostly tidied away and the bonus is that we have a decent amount of firewood. Our small half-acre is blessed with large and copious trees (albeit most are in need of trimming).

Cookies (and tea), of course, are a must whilst lounging by a fire on a rainy afternoon. Much like that maple pumpkin pie recipe, this is the “only” chocolate chip cookie recipe I use and I don’t deviate from the original recipe as it is, in my mind, perfection. The cookies are a bit chewy, just the way I like my chocolate chip cookies — no crispness, please! — and dense because you’ll only use whole wheat flour. For whatever reason, when I bake chocolate chip cookies they often turn out either too puffy or too flat, surely a user error on my part, but these turn out reliably … cookie-like every time. I like to make them a bit smaller than the recipe instructs but they are lovely baked large too.

Obviously these don’t last long but they’re so easy to put together you can quickly make another batch when the mood strikes. Dangerously easy and good, really. Also the perfect snack for when you’re making up your own holiday cookie lists — mine no doubt will change before we set to baking but it’s definitely time to be thinking about it. And buying extra butter when it’s on sale. Rain not required.

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