{Gluten-Free} Cornbread

October is the mellow month, the bridge between summer and the beginning of winter. I wish it could last twice as long; our nights are chilly now, often downright cold, but the later mornings ease into warmth and by the afternoon it’s almost hot. But the light has changed, yeah? It seemed to slide into buttery, soft, orange-y goodness the weekend we spent a bit soggily – though happily! – camping in Salt Point in September. Firmly in autumn now, yet the leaves still cling to the trees and November’s work of raking and putting the garden to bed is a few weeks away. October is for the end of soccer season and afternoons turning into early evenings at the park, taking advantage of these last days of longer daylight.

Perhaps I should have saved this recipe for next month when we’re getting into a Thanksgiving frame of mind — Thanksgiving seems to require a pile of cornbread on the table — but we’re in soup season now. I made lentil soup last night and we ate slices of this hearty cornbread alongside our dinner bowls. It would, of course, be perfect with vegetarian chili or butternut squash soup, or made as muffins. I subbed a gluten-free flour blend for regular flour, though the original recipe calls for all-purpose flour and you could absolutely make it that way (may I gently suggest a whole grain pastry or spelt flour instead) and it baked up perfectly light and fluffy with a sturdy crumb.

Definitely file this for Thanksgiving dinner (try in your stuffing/dressing recipe too) or keep it for any weeknight soup or stew that needs a little something to round out the meal.

Til next time – N x

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