{Gluten-Free} Blackberry-Apple Crisp

It’s finally blackberry season! I’m thrilled to report I made a small batch of jam that I canned and distributed to various family and friends but also am hoarding in the back of our pantry. If I’m lucky we’ll be able to pick enough to make a bit more. It’s also apple season and I’m conversely chagrined to report that too many of our tiny Gravensteins have been tossed over the back fence to our neighbor’s goats. But — I’ve made a couple of pies and several crisps and when I’m married the blackberries with the apples something really lovely has come out of it.

My toes are very lightly dipping into gluten-free eating — I’m not fully committed to it yet in practice (it will be an experiment to see how I feel since I have not been diagnosed with a gluten allergy) but I have been reducing here and there to ease the way. So this crisp, which as has happened before in my gluten-free baking endeavors, calls for almond and oats in a combination that makes me think regardless of any gluten-free lifestyle (or not) I may embark upon, I’ll revisit again and again.

The flavor of toasted almonds and oats folded together is something you’ll probably want to revisit too. Swapping maple syrup for the brown sugar in the apple-blackberry mix could make this crisp almost if not definitely appropriate for breakfast — a lightly sweet hint of the fall flavors and weather that is almost on our doorstep. I love Gravenstein apples for baking but admittedly I mainly use them during this season because we have a tree; technically you could use any apples here but if they are on the sweeter side you’ll want to reduce the sugar a little.

I’ve been thinking about this site and am planning a refresh to be completed by the end of the year — including a better recipe index, more essays, a bit more focus than I may have had in the past. We’ll see if I can accomplish that! In the interim, crisp.

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  1. Helen Spiridakis says:

    Your jam was perfect! gone too soon! Looking forward to your reimagined blog…..always a culinary treat!

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